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Year 4

Autumn 1 - Ticket to Ride Overview

Aut 1 - As part of our Mad Hatters Tea Party we played pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat.

Aut 1 - We had a hat parade to show of our marvelous Mad Hatter Hats.

Aut 1 - We also had a go at creating our own Futterwacken dances.

Aut 1 - At the end of the unit we shared our imaginative settings with each other.

Aut 1 - We also created a piece of art work to go alongside our writing.

Aut 1 - We kicked our topic 'Ticket to Ride' with a 1950's dance!

Aut 1 - The children paired up and competed to be the best couple on the dance floor.

Aut 2 - On our Stone Age Day we created hearths.

Aut 2 - The clan created weapons ready to go on a mammoth hunt.

Aut 2 - Each clan stalked their prey and hoped to capture a large animals to feed them all.

Aut 2 - After we our successful hunt we created cave paintings to remember the event.

Aut 2 - At Butser Ancient Farm we learnt how to make ancient jewellery.

Aut 2 - The children had a go at creating wooden fences.

Aut 2 - Using flint the children carved some chalk.

Aut 2 - We learnt how to spin a piece of sheep's wool to create a bracelet.