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E-safety is an essential part of our computing curriculum as it affects the lives of adults and children alike. As the internet and social media are so integral to all our lives, it is important that our pupils and parents are kept up to date with current issues.

Each term, children in all year groups spend time exploring and discussing issues that relate to being safe online and the impact it has on their lives personally. These have been important lessons that have had a real impact on how children in our school use the internet.

It is also really important that parents stay up to date with the changes that happen online. Earlier in the year, Mrs Connelly (Head of Computing) and Dylan Wrixon (Family Liaison for Hamwic Trust) led a successful parent session on esafety. During the session they explored the things that children could be viewing online without parents' knowledge, but also how to make esafety an open and positive conversation between adults and children. Dylan emphasised that the more open we are with our children, the more likely they are to come to us if they have an issue or concern. They also gave practical help on what settings and sites parents can use to help keep children safe.

E-safety lessons will continue throughout the year and are often linked with our whole school P4C initiative. This way children can have open and real conversations at their level that can impact them in a personal way.