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PE & Sport Funding

PE & Sport Premium Allocation for current year £19,600
How we will spend the allocation Please refer to the PE Proposed Spend document below
Effect of funding on sport participation and attainment  
  Please refer to the PE Impact Statement document below
How we will ensure improvements are sustainable  
Percentage of pupils in Year 6 cohort that can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres Current year 5 as year 6 did not swim due to pandemic -  82.28%
Percentage of pupils in Year 6 cohort who can use a range of strokes effectively Current year 5 as year 6 did not swim due to pandemic -  48.10%
Percentage of pupils in Year 6 cohort who can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations Current year 5 as year 6 did not swim due to pandemic -  17.72%


This year Shirley Junior School received £19,600 in Sports Premium Funding. Please view the PE Proposed Spend 2022-23 report below for information regarding how we have planned to use this funding and the impact statement to review the year.

Please use the links below to view our full reports with regard to PE & Sport Funding.

PE Impact Statement 2022-2023

PE Proposed Spend 2022-23

At Shirley Junior School we provide a huge range of activities to ensure all our children have an active and healthy lifestyle. This includes two hours of curriculum lessons, after school clubs and opportunities to participate in a range of competitions. Children enjoy two PE lessons a week of dance, gymnastics, swimming and games. Lessons cover a whole range of physical activity including, problem-solving, skills development, team development. Team Spirit deliver regular high quality games sessions for all year groups.

We are delighted to announce that Shirley Junior School has achieved the School Games Bronze Mark Award for the 2021/22 academic year. The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success. We look forward to applying once again next year!


The current COVID situation meant our swimming for year 6 was not able to be completed in academic year 2020-2021 - we have included our year 5 students swimming from 2021-2022

After School Clubs

Many of our after school clubs are run in conjunction with Team Spirit. We offer a range of clubs including; Karate, Dance, Football, Netball, Cross Country, Dodge Ball and Athletics in the summer.


Cross Country

We have had another very successful year, again entering the most teams in the city.

Our boys A team came first in the league as well as taking the individual 2nd place. The girls' A team came 4th overall and one of our year 5 girls came 3rd. 

3 members of our team went on to represent Southampton at the Hampshire Games.

We were also successful in the Upper School Championships gaining 2nd place in the individual boys' event, leading to the boys' team taking 3rd. Again we had the 3rd girl in the city

We were also successful in the Boys’ Lower School Championships gaining 1st place as well as first, second and third in the individual event.

In the March Hare the boys team came 4th.

City Athletics

In 2022 the boys team came second and girls’ teams came 3rd overall and this meant that the team came 2nd overall this took us to the Quad Kids Hampshire Games Final.

Quad Kids Hampshire Games Final

In this competition, which was against the best teams in Hampshire we came 8th overall.


In 2021-2022 we won the autumn Test Park league and went on to become joint winners of the Champions League for Southampton

Sports and Healthy Living Festival

Ten year 5 pupils took part in the inaugural Festival of Sports and Physical Activity in Winchester. They got to try out a number of new and exciting sports.

Sports Day

In June 2019 sports day was a fabulous event taking place at the Sports Centre for the first time ever.


PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools

Since the employment of a PE Primary Liaison Officer in 2013, many changes have occurred with schools’ PE and some of these are outlined below.

All PE policies, curriculums and assessment procedures have been reviewed, extending provision and offering some new exciting activities to children. Teachers have regular opportunities for ongoing lesson support as well as continued whole staff training.

Pupil participation has increased as children continue to participate in a variety of competitions and celebrations of PE, both in and out of school. Children are invited to become Sports leaders where they have responsibility for supporting planning additional events and activities.

Schools have benefited as a whole through receiving relevant, up-to-date planning and regular INSET opportunities, leading to a more confident and competent workforce.

In addition, the profile of PE has been raised through a sports kite mark which recognises and rewards individual schools work around PE. Again we achieved a bronze award.

Children have been invited to attend additional sessions to further develop PE competencies and this provision has helped extend those particularly talented children and also those children who find some aspects of PE difficult to access.

There have been regular opportunities for newly qualified teachers to extend and improve their knowledge as well as CPD opportunities for all staff.

By working in collaboration with local clubs and organisations children have been offered further opportunities to engage in taster sessions and staff are able to signpost children to relevant clubs wherever necessary.

Clare Mendez

Staff Training

Staff have had gym and games CPD from a specialist gym and sports coach, where they developed their confidence in delivering both these areas of the PE curriculum.

Southampton Diving Club have worked with our children to highlight any that would make able divers.