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What You Say About Us

Feedback from parents whose child moved on to Year 7 in July 2020

'I thought you might like to hear what a glowing parents evening G had last night. She is working 2nd in the year group for Maths, her English teacher is impressed with her ability to argue her view point and write both creatively and explore text and her Science teacher feels she shows real curiosity. Everyone else was similarly impressed, and I know this is in huge part to all the effort you and other SJ staff have put in to help her develop. I'm sure there are many other former SJ students who had a similar experience.' May 21

Feedback from pupils & parents about Home Learning Spring 2021

We asked you to complete a survey for us to find out your thoughts about our home learning, and were very grateful to have over 100 responses.  This is a summary of what we discovered, which was overwhelmingly positive, a fact that we are very proud of.

The full report can be read in the PDF attachment here

What are we doing well

You mentioned so many things – live lessons, structure, tutor time/home room, recorded sessions' variety of topics, positive and engaging lessons, breakout rooms…


Is the learning/ support at the right level for child? 88% said 'yes' or 'mostly'
Do you feel they are making progress? 80% said 'yes' or 'mostly'
Are they able to learn independently? 89% said 'yes' or 'mostly'


Length of live lesson

85% said ‘about right’ the remainder mostly split between ‘too short’ and ‘too long’

It is worth noting that teachers are generally staying on to give individual support after live lessons.

Length of time for 'Practice' tasks 75% said ‘about right’ with the remainder mostly split between ‘too short’, ‘too long’, and differing answers for different lessons.
Length of time for 'Prove It' tasks 76% said ‘about right’ with the remainder mostly split between ‘too short’ and ‘too long’.


The vast majority of responders had either felt supported (62%) or not had any technical issues for us to support (34%).