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Week 9 (15th June)

Hi Year 6 home learners! 

We hope you are keeping well and enjoying the learning for Summer term so far. Some of your scrapbook front covers looked really stunning - thank you for sharing your learning with us. We love hearing from you!

Again this week you will have THREE strands of 'home learning' to do which we will also be doing in school. These are:
Maths - we are recapping our learning on Angles again - the questions and reasoning are all new and the powerpoint will remind you of key facts. See how independently you can work through these this week! (We'll get answers to you on Monday!)
Project - It's a Wrap - this week we are focusing in on the songs of the musical and learning their importance to plot. You have four lessons to work through which will have you analysing lyrics and even creating your own!
Scrapbook- your scrapbook pages for this week are around the current reality around us that is making your final SJS year even more historic - coronavirus and lockdown. Follow the steps to create the next two pages of your scrapbook. Resources such as photos that could be used have been uploaded as a separate PDF should you wish to use them.

5 A Days Here is a website with lots of maths 5 a day that you could work through (Platinum if you are confident and perhaps gold if you are less confident) whilst at home.


Extra Homelearning
We have also added some extra optional home learning challenges for you this week to help us making our final DVD extravaganza which we would love you to also feature in too!
1) Breaking Free solo - to showcase your solo singing follow the steps to record yourself as Troy or Gabriella singing the iconic song and share it with us.
2) Basketball freestyle video - practise some slick tricks and create a small routine to a part of 'Getcha Head in the Game', film it and share it with us so that it can be added to our final music video for the song. 
Details on both of these challenges can be found in the information pack uploaded below. 

Please keep sending in your fantastic work and talking to us on Reading Plus - we love, love, love hearing from you and are missing you lots!

Keep smiling, 

The Year 6 Team :)