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Week 8 (8th June)

Hello our wonderful Year 6 children at home!

We hope you are keeping well, we miss you and are still loving seeing what you get up to at home! Please keep in touch with us - you are still our Year 6 children who we want to hear from! :) 
 Home learning will look a little bit different for you now that some children are back in school as we want to make sure you get to do lots of the same things that we are doing in school, at home. The priority of the final Summer term is making sure you are ready to start new challenges and have the chance to say goodbye to SJS - the place you have grown SO much in. 

SO, from this week you will have THREE strands of 'home learning' to do each week which we will also be doing in school. These are:
Maths - this will be the same set up as you have been doing - a Powerpoint, practises and evidences (this week is a focus on a y5 time objective of timetables)
Project - It's a Wrap - this will combine literacy skills as well as some foundation through the week and will have steps to follow in the printable pack below.
Scrapbook- in school we are building up a scrapbook of memories, experiences and reflections of our time at SJS, something to keep forever (in your loft as Mrs D would say to show to you grandchildren in the future!) and remind you of your time with us. Look at the presentation which guides you through your first steps for creating a scrapbook this week.

5 A Days Here is a website with lots of maths 5 a day that you could work through (Platinum if you are confident and perhaps gold if you are less confident) whilst at home.

Please keep sending in your fantastic work and talking to us on Reading Plus - we love, love, love hearing from you!

Keep smiling, 

The Year 6 Team :) 

P.S. We will also be setting you fabulous lot a separate special challenge as part of the final production - we will add these to next weeks homelearning!