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Week 10 (22nd June)

Hi Year 6 home learners! 

Are you singing Status Quo as much as we are? It seems to be stuck in our heads at the moment. The songs from High School Musical are definitely 'ear worms' whether you love or hate them! 

Now that we are back teaching full time in school we will go back to uploading learning on a Monday. If that makes it tricky for you Monday learning you could use that day for your scrapbooks and Reading Plus and then start Maths/Project work from Tuesday onwards. 

Again this week you will have THREE strands of 'home learning' to do which we will also be doing in school. These are:
Maths - new learning on circles - there is a powerpoint and then questions to answer using the facts you have learned about circles. You may need a compass to help you with this weeks maths learning. 
Project - It's a Wrap - this week we are writing our own 'deleted scene' from the movie! We will recap our learning of playscripts and then write a scene which has never been seen! What will you create?
Scrapbook- your scrapbook pages for this week are 'All About Me' - create a snapshot of you now. What is important to you? What facts do you want to remember about your 10/11 year old self?

5 A Days Here is a website with lots of maths 5 a day that you could work through (Platinum if you are confident and perhaps gold if you are less confident) whilst at home.


Extra Homelearning
If you are intereseted in having a part in our end of year DVD production but you are at home do not worry, we have a role for you - narrator! Please email the address to say you would be interested in narrating part of the movie and we will send you a script to practise and film yourself narrating. The video will be added to the final DVD alongside the rest of the children in school. Let us know by Thursday 25th June if you would be interested in this. 

Please keep sending in your fantastic work and talking to us on Reading Plus - we love, love, love hearing from you and are missing you lots!

Keep smiling, 

The Year 6 Team :)