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Week 10 (22nd June)

Hi Year 4!

This week, in maths, we are continuing with our learning on fractions specifically equivalent fractions. There is a video from White Rose which will talk you through how to answer the questions. There is a new video for each day and corresponding questions. 

In English we are recapping on the importance of proofreading and editing by improving a diary entry from BBC Bitesize website. Over the next couple of weeks we will be practising the year 3 and 4 curriculum words. 

TTRockstars - This week, on Wednesday, you will be asked to login to TTRockstars to complete 2 guided sessions in the soundcheck section of the website. It is important that you find a time when it is quiet so you can focus and do the best you can to complete the questions as accurately as you can in the time you have. This is to help your year 5 teachers next year.

Have a great week!

Year 4 Team