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Week 1 (30th March)

Hello Year 5,

We hope you are all doing well! We miss you all very much!

We have uploaded lots of activities we hope you enjoy and keep you busy this week!

If you want to send any work through to the teachers for them to check please use the following email address:

The maths work is mirrored to what we do in school starting with an 'I do you do' slide with questions on, then the children have a go at answering the practise questions to practise the skill they are learning. They would then check their answers and reflect on any questions they got incorrect. We suggest then moving onto Day 2 on the 'I do, you do' slides and answering the questions on there again. To finish, the children work independently through evidence questions and then check them through answers! If you fancy a challenge, have a go at completing the 'Going Deeper' questions, they will take longer to answer so remember to keep persevering! 

Please also keep practising times tables through TT rockstars, the teachers are checking on a daily basis and will be sending out Marvellous Me's to children who are practising daily and working hard to improve their speed and accuracy!


In literacy we will be building on work from throughout the year. There are 3 lessons. Lesson 1 is an explore session - exploring blogs (online diaries) and the work of WaterAid in schools. Lesson 2 is a recapping skills session covering fronted adverbials and relative clauses. The 3rd session will bring the first 2 sessions together to write 2 blogs from the perspective of a child in a school helped by WaterAid. This can be handwritten or typed.

It would be great to see some of the blogs, so email any finished work to the above email address - this can be shared as a photo or attachment.

We have uploaded some examples of reading questions that we use in our Guided Reading sessions with the children. We encourage you to use these when hearing them read as it really helps and supports children's comprehension. Also, we would like all children to log into Reading Plus, an online programme to support children's fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. A letter was sent out explaining the log in details, the website is:

Each week, we will upload a task linked to a specific spelling objective, this week we want the children to practise homophones as this is an area children can often muddle up. We also encourage you to practise the Spring 2 curriculum words which are also uploaded using the document 'Activities for curriculum words' to support with activity ideas. 

5 a day
At school, the children complete a 5 a day for both maths and SpAG daily. We usually give them 5 minutes to answer these, then mark them together. When you open the 5 a day, you will see that for each day there are 3 sheets: A, B and C. We would like children to have a go at the 'B' sheets. If they are finding this challenging, they can move to C or for an extra challenge they can have a go at A. They only need to complete one sheet per day.

Don't forget about our Project home learning which can be found on the first page when you click Home Learning- Year 5! It is all linked to our Rivers learning, and we would love to see some work the children complete from the activities we have given! 

Yellow group

This group has been sent a separate marvellous me with instructions to complete these tasks.