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Star Learning

Each week the Year 4 Team will pick a piece of work that has stood out to them.

Thank you all for the work you are sending in, we are enjoying seeing the fantastic effort you are all putting into the work you are doing.

Keep it up.

The Year 4 Team

3rd July Celebration of Learning

From Pelicans - Ava-Rose

"I love the way you used visual clues to help you remember the poem - it's a really clever way of helping you learn something!"  Miss Blake


From Nuthatches - Oscar


"Oscar has learnt the poem "On The Ning Nang Nong" off by heart and has carefully considered his performance." - Miss Vincent. 


From Kingfishers - Daisy

"I loved hearing how you and Harry have got your family reciting the 'Ning Nang Nong' poem at home and your illustrations are beautiful." Miss Broadway

26th June Celebration of Learning

From Pelicans - Poppy

"I am SO impressed with the amount of work you send me every single week! Well done for keeping up with your home learning, it will really support you when you move into Year 5."

From Nuthatches - 



From Kingfishers - Jurek

"I am really impressed with the research you have completed to find out about each of the materials. You have also accurately used scientific language to describe the material. Well done" Miss Broadway

19th June Celebration of Learning

From Pelicans - Cohen

"I love the way your incorporates important things about you, and that you developed it through your 4 designs!" Miss Blake

From Nuthatches - Zac E


"Zac has used his independence and aspiration skills when designing and making this bespoke cat t-shirt. Love it!" Miss Vincent


From Kingfishers - Ava

"It is great to see you use your imagination and reflection skills to design and select your favourite fashion logo!" Miss Broadway

12th June Celebration of  Learning

From Pelicans - Ava Rose

"I love your fashion label logo! I love the thought you have put into it and made sure it represents lots of different people and the things they would wear!" Miss Blake


From Nuthatches - Morgan

"Morgan has put his curiosity and imagination skills to good use by creating a Roman shield." Miss Vincent

From Kingfishers - Ini

"Congratulations Ini you have shown great dedication to your maths learning. A 100 day streak on Doodle Maths is something to be very proud of." Miss Broadway

5th June Celebration of Learning

From Pelicans - Emilia

"I can tell you really understood the story, well done Emilia." Miss Blake

From Nuthatches - Sebastian

"Sebastian has used curiosity and imagination to write this diary entry based on an extract from a book." - Miss Vincent


From Kingfishers - Izzy

"I detailed diary entry and I loved seeing your apply your previous writing skills as well as including some speech." Miss Broadway

22nd May Celebration of Learning

From Pelicans - Amelia

"I love the way you have created your rhymes, and I am really enjoying being immortalised in poetry!" Miss Blake

From Nuthatches - Jack

"Jack has used curiosity and imagination to design a new landmark for Liverpool. It's an ice cream parlour!" Miss Vincent

From Kingfishers - Daisy

"Wow Daisy this guitar looks so realistic and I am very impressed with how you have made each elastic band a different tension to change th pitch of the strings. Great problem solving skills, well done!" Miss Broadway

15th May Celebration of Learning

From Pelicans - Ryan

"I am so impressed with Ryan's perseverance in his home learning - what a fantastic piece of work on verbs! He has also communicated brilliantly with his Mum which helped him reach the end of this sheet. I am a very proud teacher!" 

Miss Blake

From Nuthatches - Poppy

"Poppy you have shown good problem solving skills by using actual coins to help you solve this week's year 4 maths puzzle." Miss Vincent


From Kingfishers - Louisa

"Well done for persevering and completing your three times table sheet. I can see you have worked hard to improve on remembering your times tables. " Miss Broadway

8th May Celebration of Learning

From Pelicans - Robyn

"Robyn has used her curiosity and imagination to make a fabulous musical instrument as past of our Ticket To Ride project revisit. Time to start a band!" Miss Blake


From Nuthatches - Lois

"Lois has used her curiosity and imagination skills to create this beautiful rainbow using petals from her garden." Miss Vincent

From Kingfishers - Grace

"Well done for continuing your love of reading. 12 Dancing Princesses is a story I read at home regularly to my daughter. It is great to see you reading a range of books." Miss Broadway

1st May Celebration of Learning

From Pelicans - Florrie

"You have used our literacy skills so beautifully, with such lovely examples of fronted adverbials. It really felt like I was stood in the rainforest at the beginning of your story." Miss Blake

From Nuthatches - Zac

"Zac has used his curiosity and imagination skills to create this fossil." Miss Vincent


From Kingfishers - Evan

"For challenging yourself by publishing your work on the computer, it was great to hear about all the new skills you've learnt by doing this." Miss Broadway

24th April Celebration of Learning

From Pelicans - Emma

 "I love your attention to detail and accuracy which must have been hard to do from memory! You are being awarded an Independence effort star for your amazing effort!"  Miss Blake

From Nuthatches - Carl

"Carl has used his independence and aspiration skills to complete this week's maths task on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000"  - Miss Vincent


From Kingfishers - Ava

"I love how curious you have been when planning your theme park. There will be so many different places to explore." Miss B



3rd April Celebration of Learning

Miss Blake has chosen to share Arthur's learning. "I am very impressed with how you've used your curiosity and imagination to create a food chain using lego pieces. You've made the chain come alive!"

Miss Vincent has chosen Joseph's powerpoint on David Attenborourgh . She says "Well done for taking time to research an inspirational person." 


Miss Broadway has chosen Izzy for her fact file on butterflies. "A great scientific drawing of a butterfly. I love the fact that they with their tongues!"