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Star Learning

 Well year 6, you have certainly impressed all of your teachers with the fantastic home learning you have produced this week.  We are so proud of you all.  

Week 6 home learning - Another amazing week of home learning produced from our fantastic year 6s! We hope you enjoy your half term in the sunshine, you definitely deserve a rest from all your hard work. 

Road's End

Inspired by the short film Road's End, SJS readers and artists have created some fantastic pieces of work. 







SJS writers creating writing inspired by the book Holes. 


Lab rats

Maths, art and science too created using our Lab Rats project grids. 




Week 5 home learning - Year 6 you have continued to work hard this week and have been trying out a wide range of different subjects. Thank you for the effort you continue to put into your learning, we are very proud of you all!


SJS artists apply their skills to a new area of abstract art using a wide range of mediums. Check out how oil pastels have been used in the PDF. 


Comic book artists

More graphic art inspired by our Holes text



From investigating hearts to experimenting with light, SJS scientists have been hard at work!


SJS authors

Inspired by recent events in our year group text, our authors have composed some thought provoking writing this week. 





Week 4 home learning - Year 6 your poetry and creativity has truly made us smile this week! Thank you for the hard work you are continuing to put in! We think you are great!
Year 6 are poets! Read the character poems that have been created - do you get an idea about what some of the characters in Holes are like?

Mathematicians cracking codes and developing their knowledge of angles this week. 


Comic Book Artists
Year 6 have been having a go at graphic art to depict some of their Holes reading from this week. 



Year 6 artists have been experimenting with abstract styles.


Week 3 home learning - A real range of different activities this week year 6. We love looking through all your learning, you are fabulous!


3D lizards made from twigs and paper from our SJS artists. 


Take a look at this beautifully presented family tree and informative poster. 



Our mathematicians can solve the weekly challenges and create art too! Check out the PDF of parabolic art. 



Our reading skills have been put to great use this week as we have retrieved and inferred from our year group text - setting drawings, character webs, analysis of quotes and understanding main characters.      


Year 6 also want to help others!



Our authors have been busy this week, writing bus journey recounts, letters home and non-fiction information pages - take a look at the writing uploaded as PDFs at the bottom of this page too. 



New home learning from week 2 - keep going year 6 - look at all the brilliant learning you are all working so hard to create. 


Some more detailed lizards from our SJS artists.


Camp Green Lake

Setting drawings and quotes retrieved from the text Holes.



Even at home, we can apply our reading skills!



SJS historians researching their own families, famous Americans and creating detailed timelines using all their history skills - scroll down to see more as PDFs.



SJS mathematicians are also working hard at home!



Have a read of our talented SJS authors. More writing has been uploaded as PDFs so scroll down to the bottom of this page to have a read.







Check out the Yellow Spotted Lizards created by SJS artists.










SJS historians have enjoyed researching famous people from the USA. 


Investigating biomes using maps, images and data is all in a days work for SJS Geographers. 














We are authors! Year 6 continue their novels and develop their reading skills by predicting a setting.