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Questions by Pupils

Frequently asked questions from the point of view of a young person

How does Shirley Junior School know if I need extra help?

Your teachers look at how you are making progress in your learning.  They will know if you need extra help. They will also meet your class teacher from last year to find out what extra help you have been getting.

What should I do if I think I need extra help?

You can talk to someone at home, and they can talk to your teacher.  You can also talk to your teacher, a teaching assistant or another familiar adult at school.

How will my work be organised so that I can cope and get it all done?

Your teacher will give you work that will allow you to learn and improve. They will make sure that it is not too easy and not too hard, but it will make you think.

If I have difficulties how can I be involved in planning my learning?

Your teacher or the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator will have a meeting with you to discuss how you are getting on. This is called a pupil conference. You will talk about your targets for learning and how else you feel we could help you.  You may have a learning log, which you will use every day with your teacher and TA.  The learning log will remind you what your targets are.  It will also have examples of the work you are doing to meet your targets.

Who will tell me what I can do to help myself and be more independent?

All the staff at Shirley Junior School can help you to become independent, but if you feel worried then talk to your teacher or a familiar adult. This could be a Teaching Assistant or a member of the senior leadership team.

What should I do if I am worried about something?

Talk to your teacher, a TA, or any other familiar adult in the school.

How will I know if I am doing as well as I should?

Don’t worry because our teachers will let you know quickly if there is a problem.  All children in our school have their own targets which tell them how well they are doing and also how to get better.  If you have a learning log, you will be able to see how you are meeting your targets.  You will also have a school report at the end of each year and your parents have the chance to meet with your teacher at least once a term to talk about how you are doing.

How can I get help if I am worried about things other than my school work?

Remember, everyone faces extra challenges from time to time. You can always talk to any member of staff at school who you feel comfortable talking to. You can also ask to speak with our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA).

Are there staff in school who have been trained to help young people who need extra help?

All our teachers and support staff have been trained to teach children with learning needs. Our Inclusion Lead and our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator have lots of experience and qualifications which mean they are trained to help children with learning needs.

If I have difficulty in taking part in school activities what different arrangements can be made?

a. How will I know who can help me?

b. Who can I talk to about getting involved in school activities if I need extra help?

You will be introduced to all staff that will be working with you so that they understand your difficulties. If you would like, we could also let your friends know how they can help you.

You can talk to your teachers, or another adult you trust if you would like to be involved in school activities where you may need extra help.

What extra help is there to help me get ready to start at Shirley Junior School?

Apart from the usual Year 2 activities taking part at school, we will talk to your teachers and your parents/carers. You are welcome to come and visit Shirley Junior School. We can give you a school prospectus and write you a social story if this would help you.