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Online Teaching Platforms

A number of government initiatives have been created to support the education of children whilst the curriculum is suspended and children are at home in lockdown. 

'Lessons'  and learning are pitched at specific year groups and have been planned to generically fit objectives that are usually covered in year groups. This can be especially useful to support children independently working on learning at home. Feel free to dip into these platforms to support children or, if you choose to, for children to follow if it supports with your situation and reality at home. 

The Oak Academy
Select the year group you wish to work at. You can choose to follow weekly schedules which have daily literacy, maths and foundation lessons to follow or you can pick and choose lessons to undertake. 

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

Again select the year group you wish to work at. Some of the lessons are being used to support children at SJS with their literacy learning. 

Seneca Learning

Some free lessons pitched for primary learners including specific geography, history and science. Be aware that there is also a paid option within this platform.


Other useful online resources:

Maths Frame

Mathsframe has hundreds of interactive maths games, and lots of worksheets linked to the new curriculum. All resources are designed by an experienced KS2 teacher. New games and worksheets are added regularly.