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As part of the new maths curriculum children are expected to know their 2 times table, 5 times table and square number facts by the end of year 3, and all tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of year 4.  They need to be able to not only recall the tables facts, but know the corresponding division facts and apply their knowledge of times tables when calculating and problem solving.  

Home Learning


At home, we ask children to practise their times tables using TT Rockstars. They each have a username and password and are expected to use the website weekly at home.  Questions will be set every week by class teachers. 

We also ask children to use Numbots for at least 10 minutes each week, to increase the fluency of addition and subtraction facts, so children can recall these facts automatically and use them to calculate accurately and efficiently.  Childrens' login for Numbots is the same as their login for TT Rockstars.



Here are a few activities you can do at home to help children learn their times tables:

  • Create a dominoes game together for each times table
  • Missing numbers patterns - take it in turns to write out the times table but leave a few missing spaces for the other player to fill in the numbers.   e.g. 2,4,___,8,10___
  • Play multiplication bingo (one for the whole family) draw a 3x3 grid and fill in numbers from a specific times table and then someone calls out a number sentence e.g. 4x4 and the players have to work out the answer, if they have it they cross it off- first one to cross them all off is the winner!
  • Timed times table grid challenge. How quickly can the children complete this? Can they beat you?
  • Write a multiplication rap and perform it to friends, family or even sing it in the car.
  • Write it as a story, poem or a puppet show.
  • Sing the tables to a well-known tune (many examples on Youtube)

Here are some useful websites that might help you: (all areas of maths) (all areas of maths)

Help with times tables on the Oxford Owl websites has some useful ‘top tips’, videos and activities for learning times tables

‘Times Tables In Schools’ by Kate Robinson this is a great booklet on the Oxford Owl website full of tips and information on how to help your child learn their times tables.

The five times table

The ten times table

Introduction to division

‘Underwater times tables’ here you can select the times table to practice and so you can choose 2, 5 and 10 Choose to practise any times table from 2x to 12x (there is no mixed option). For each times table there are two levels. The first level presents the questions in order, e.g. 1 x 2, 2 x 2, 3 x 2, which makes it a great game for when you are just starting to learn a new multiplication table. There is no timer. Questions go up to 12 x the chosen number. What2Learn. ‘Cloud Game’ This game from eChalk lets you choose which times table to practise up to 12x or you can choose a mixture. The question appears at the top and you have to click the cloud with the correct answer on it. You will gain points depending on your speed and accuracy and will be rewarded with a fireworks display.  ‘Spitfire game’ You can test your knowledge of 2x to 9x tables in this game from ICT Games. Use your arrow keys to steer the spitfire towards the answer, then press your space key to fire.

The above three examples of games can all be found here have a look through with your child and they can choose the ones they like with your help and supervision to get them started. There are three games on this link ‘Hit the Button’, ‘Learn Your Tables’ and ‘Cross the Swamp’ where you can select the times table to practice. ‘Cross the Swamp’ is harder and will need your help to begin with as it includes division it is a great game to develop your child’s multiplication reasoning skills. 

When playing the games you could get the whole family involved as you could play against one another and see who can get the best time!

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