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Learning Ambassadors

Learning Ambassadors are children from each year group who meet every half term to discuss any issues that have arisen.

2019/20 Learning Ambassadors

Year 3

  • Maia (Praying Mantis)
  • Marcy (Damselflies)
  • Lily  (Crickets)

Year 4

  • Annabelle (Nuthatches)
  • Ava-Rose (Pelicans)
  • Rowan (Crickets)

Year 5

  • Charlotte (Seals)
  • Sophie (Beluga Whales)
  • Macey (Orcas)

Year 6

  • Toby (Buffaloes)
  • Tyler  (Elephants)
  • Evie (Lemurs)

Learning Ambassadors Code of Conduct 2019/20


  1. We will come to every meeting (or send our apologies if we are unable to attend.)
  2. Show respect to each other in meetings and listen to and build on each other’s ideas
  3. Have fun but remain sensible
  4. Be honest and trust-worthy
  5. Be a good role model


When talking to our classmates:

  1. We will be clear and confident
  2. We will listen and present all the ideas we hear, even if they are different from our own