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How Parents Can Help

We welcome parental and other volunteer help in school to assist and contribute to the children’s learning. Specific areas of assistance will be arranged between parent and teacher. We will aim to match the teacher/children’s needs with offered skills, preference and year group suitability.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they have skills which they can offer children or teachers.

These are some areas in which you may wish to offer help:-

Reading, art, craft, computer work, music, display work, times tables, drama, group supervision in classroom activities, and helping with supervision of off-site activities.

Parents will be given a clear idea of what is expected of them before undertaking a task with a group of children. It should be recognised by all helpers involved in learning and teaching that they are trusted co-opted members of a professional team and are, as such, expected to respect all confidentialities. Information will be available to all helpers including procedures, safety issues, timings etc. It is the responsibility of the recruiting teacher to welcome and organise volunteer helpers. If you volunteer to be a regular helper in school we will need to carry out a DBS check on you. This will not cost you anything and simply requires you to complete a short form.