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Effort Stars

Effort Stars recognising our learning values

Effort stars are awarded to children in recognition of the effort and skills they use in the learning they do. An effort star can be given both verbally and drawn in a book, and it will link to one of our learning values. 

Children can receive effort stars for resilience in problem-solving; reflecting and developing learning; being a good citizen; showing independence or aspiration, using creativity and imagination and for using their co-operation skills. Children collect their effort stars in their planners with coloured stickers, working towards a goal of achieving 120 effort stars over the year. 

After every 10 stars, pupils will be awarded a Head teacher's sticker and celebrated in Friday celebration assembly,  and their photo is taken for the website.

40 effort stars are celebrated with a certificate in a year group assembly.

80 effort stars are celebrated with a certificate in whole school assembly

120 effort stars are celebrated with a special certificate in whole school assembly and parents are invited to join the celebration of this impressive achievement. 

Citizenship points

At Shirley Junior School our pupils show an excellent understanding of responsibility and respect. Children who display excellent citizenship traits can be awarded citizenship points.  

20 points can be collected every year towards a child’s Governors Award, which is a challenge set for year 6 pupils to complete.

Pupils earn their citizenship points through taking part in pupil jobs, supporting the school community and through any challenges set by the school such as house competitions.