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Creative learning is at the heart of teaching and learning at Shirley Junior School. We believe that developing creativity in pupils leads to learners with an excitement for learning, a confident and enquiring attitude, increasing independence and willingness to take risks.

Our curriculum topics are regularly reviewed and adapted to make sure that they engage and motivate children with their learning and provide continuous opportunities for pupil development. The curriculum is delivered mostly through an integrated topic approach with cross curricular themes. Each topic begins with a ‘hook’, an activity which engages pupil interest such as an educational visit, a play, a mystery, etc. Each topic ends with a celebratory event when parents are often invited to share in the outcomes of the pupils’ work. Some subjects continue to be taught discreetly, EG maths, PE, and RE through progressive units of work when these do not fit appropriately with the topic.

The school recognises the importance of parental support in children’s learning and staff actively encourage parents to become regularly involved in this. Support for parents is provided through curriculum workshops, curriculum newsletters, communication through children’s planners and one to one parent meetings.

For more in depth information regarding the curriculum, please see the relevant year group page or contact the school office.