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Citizenship Award

We are delighted to present our new Citizenship Award.  The award aims to help children develop skills in nine different strands, including Independence, Eco Warrior, School Community, Wider Community and Leadership.  Each child has an Award Booklet to be kept at school which contains suggestions for activities and space for each one to be signed off, and there are some extra ideas for some of the strands below.

To earn their award each year, children need to complete an activity in each of the nine strands. They will receive a coloured wristband that they can wear for the rest of their time at Shirley Junior School, and if they earn the award each year they can collect all four different colours.

We hope that lots of our children will be inspired to have a go at earning their Citizenship Award.  In year 6, children who have completed at least one activity from each strand in the previous years can nominate themselves for their Governors' Award, where they will have an interview with our Chair of Governors to talk about themselves as citizens and how they have contributed to the school and the wider community.