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Behaviour and Relationships

We are an emotionally literate school where pupils develop the skills of self-regulation and learning from mistakes by repairing and reflecting. We foster a sense of belonging and acceptance, so children grow to become honest, responsible citizens of their community.

Dealing with conflicts

When conflicts occur, we use a restorative approach called Repair and Rebuild. The children (and/or adults) involved, with a neutral third-party if helpful, ask and answer the following questions in order:

Repair and Rebuild
  • What happened?
  • What were you thinking at the time?
  • How were/are you feeling?
  • Who do you think has been affected?
  • What needs to happen to put things right?
  • Does there need to be a consequence?

Children from each year group have been trained to act as Repair and Rebuild monitores of the playground, so they can help their peers resolve conflicts.


Please find information about our rewards here.