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Back to school

Dear Children,

We have missed you all so much and we can't wait to see you all again soon. The school has felt really empty without all your excitement and laughter. We  have been working really hard to prepare the school for your return in September. Although, we have had to make a few changes compared with how we normally run the school so we have made a powerpoint and a social story to help you understand what it will be like when you come back after the summer holidays. Your teachers have made a short video so you can find out about all the exciting things you will be learning next year. Have a look on your current home learning page.

We are, however, looking forward to seeing you for a couple of hours next Wednesday and Thursday. The teachers have planned some really exciting activities so you can get to know your new class teacher, other children in your class as well as your TA. Two things we ask you to make sure you do when in school are, to regularly wash your hands using hand sanitiser and to keep a distance from other children and adults. All the adults will be around to help you and remind you to do these, so don't worry. Don't forget to bring in your transition activity your new teachers have set for you on your current home learning page.

Next week you will take home a booklet that tells you everything you need to know ready for September. There will also be your summer home learning project to complete as you usually do ready to bring in and display in your new class in September.

See you all soon, Mrs Hixon