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Newest Learning Value Competition

We want to introduce you to Shirley Junior School’s newest Learning Value: Grit.

Grit does not yet have a character to represent it, so we were hoping our children could design one!


  1. Grit needs to fit in with the appearance of the existing Learning Value characters, so it looks like it is part of the set
  2. It also needs to be different enough to stand out.
  3. Grit can’t be the same single colour as any of our six existing values.

      To help you, these are the characteristics associated with Grit:

  • Growth mindset
  • Practising
  • Seeking feedback
  • Valuing mistakes
  • Celebrating your own efforts
  • Celebrating others’ achievements
  • Thinking hard
  • Persevering
  • Keeping a positive attitude


Good luck!    Deadline for entries: Tuesday 28th January 2020