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School Energy Project

Today, we have had an assembly with the pupils hearing from The Schools Energy Project about the many different ways that we can all save energy and water. 

As part of their visit, the Schools Energy Project has provided us with the attached fun Family Activity Sheet, for you to enjoy doing with your child at home.  The Project is also providing games and useful information on its website:


We are very keen for all our pupils to take part in energy-saving, so do please return your child’s completed Activity Sheet to their teacher by email or printed out.  The Schools Energy Project is giving a £200 prize to the school that collects the most completed Activity Sheets, so we would love you to help us win this!


We have also been given a batch of Thermometer Cards.  We are now putting these cards up in every classroom and office in our school to help us check whether the temperature needs to be adjusted.


By using these Thermometer Cards, we are hoping to save energy and money at school and release funds for education as well as for energy-saving measures.  With school budgets being continually squeezed, we at school are especially keen to see everyone helping to save as much energy and water as we can. 


We would therefore be delighted if you could support our efforts in school by reinforcing your child’s energy-saving and water-saving habits at home - this will certainly make our job at school a little easier!  And if you are interested in helping us at school with our eco activities and energy-saving efforts, do please get in touch via the school office.