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Subject Progressions


In Shirley Schools we believe in providing a history curriculum which inspires our children to want to know more about the past. Children become curious and ask important, thought-provoking questions. We encourage our pupils to imaginatively interpret the past through the use of sources and artefacts. We inspire our children to learn from the past to build towards a better future.


Shirley Geographers understand what it means to live in a port city and the role it has in their lives, and globally. They develop a fascination of the world through the exploration of their own, and contrasting, environments. They explore how the world is shaped by physical aspects around them and how humans interact and impact it. Shirley Geographers are able to draw their own conclusions from fieldwork and have a true understanding of how their own impact can affect and change the world around them.



RE Knowledge

As a Shirley RE Inquirer, I will first consider my own experience and that of others I know. I will then explore key concepts through different religions, noting similarities and differences, and discern why these concepts hold significance for those living a religious life. Finally, I will consider how this new understanding might affect my own behaviours or beliefs. At Shirley, we believe RE plays a vital role in promoting understanding, respect and tolerance between people of different faiths and those with none.