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Design a Learning Value

 We want to introduce you to Shirley Junior School’s newest Learning Value: Grit.

Grit does not yet have a character to represent it, so we were hoping our children could design one!

These are the entries for the Learning Value competition. You can comment on your favourite and why at the bottom!

 Entry 1 “I have chosen these colours for Grit because it is a mix of all the current learning value colours.  Grit has a big brain on his head to represent ‘growth mindset’ and ‘thinking hard’. He has a big smile on his face to show ‘keeping a positive attitude’ and ‘celebrating your own efforts’”
Entry 2 “He has big cheeks to store lots of information in. He has 7 legs as there are now 7 learning values. Brown isn’t a very bright or beautiful colour but he has a growth mindset and is too busy celebrating others’ achievements to worry about how he looks. He has a moustache as it’s unique from the others.”
Entry 3

“ 1. It is bright and bold and cuddly to show celebration in achievement and pupils’ efforts.

2.Friendly looking to help with growth mindset and practice

3.Will value mistakes and help people learn from them.”

Entry 4 “First of all, I chose the shape because it shows that this learning value represents that you are pushing yourself and celebrating achievements. I chose these colours because I think this learning value represents off of the others.”
Entry 5

“I chose this shape because it is a thinking bubble like mindset. I also did the leaf for growth. To make it look like a learning value I did the eyes and mouth the same.”

Entry 6 “I chose the round shape because I think it’s good to have a round mindset. I also chose to add leaves on it to show the growth of mindset. I have used a greeny-yellowish colour to show the growth we have shown through the years of Shirley Junior School.”
Entry 7

“It’s tall to show growth. It has grass and a flower to show ideas growing and it is light blue to show blue sky thinking.”

Entry 8

“The five fingers represent:

  • practising and persevering
  • valuing mistakes
  • thinking hard
  • keeping positive
  • seeking feedback

The overall shape is like a ‘high five’ which is to celebrate your won and each other’s achievements.”

Entry 9

“I added arms for celebrating personal efforts and others’ achievement. Grit has a large head to symbolise thinking hard and growth mindset. Grit has a big smile because of its positive attitude. Grit has a long body similar to ‘Problem Solving’ because it’s important to value and learn from mistakes and to think hard. Pink looks cheerful.”

Entry 10 “I chose this shape because it looked similar to all the others but still had a personality. I chose the colour because it was a different colour but seemed to fit. I did the patch because it shows how Grit tries hard, fails and tries again, and I chose the mouth shape to make it fit with the others.”
Entry 11 “The head band means strength.”
(this one got wet – so imagine it fully coloured!) Entry 12 “I chose all the colours for motivation, and because rainbow makes people feel happy and if you are happy you are put in a good mood. I did a big eye because you have to look at the problems and mistakes you make. I chose this shape because it’s bumpy, it’s like climbing a hill! I also chose it because it looks flexible so you can’t break it. You need to be strong. The smile means ‘don’t give up!’ “
Entry 13

“I chose this shape because the circle represents the world and also thinking, because it’s a head. I chose the colours because rainbow, to me, means ‘keep on going, don’t give up’”

Entry 14 “The rainbow represents keeping a positive attitude and the brain shape represents growth mindset. Also the head band on Grit’s head represents exercising your brain. Plus it’s always happy!”


  • sandy 1 year ago
    i like entry 13 it even in spiers me I FINK IT SHOUD WIN (ENTRY 13)
  • Amelie 1 year ago
    Entry 10 because of the patch to show he tries fails and tries again and entry 12 because the mountains show climbing out of the pit and not giving up !!
  • Zoë 1 year ago
    Entry 2 is my favourite. I think the reasons are really smart and I like his 'unique feature' and single colour to complement the other learning values. I like the fact that entry 7 is tall to chow growth and that entry 8 looks like a high 5. I think the children have really pushed themselves to find the best way to represent GRIT! Well done!
  • Jennifer Cook 1 year ago
    What beautiful, thoughtful, and creative designs! It is very hard to choose one design, but for me, entry number 9 is lovely, cheerful, and the description thoroughly and clearly describes many attributes and aspects of Grit!

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