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Are bananas traded fairly internationally?

Year 6 have been applying their geographical skills of analysing maps and figures to find patterns in trade across the globe....

Here is Esther's conclusion.

Countries all over the world grow bananas yet they're not all getting a fair deal. Big companies are taking advantage of people's desperate needs and tricking them into accepting ridiculously low prices. 

Fair Trade helps people internationally get the money they have earned and deserve. There are 22 countries in the world that farm bananas and only 40% of them are Fair Trade. Without Fair Trade, workers get less than 1p for every banana they sell. That amount of money is  far from enough to feed a family. When selling bananas, Europe and North America, which don't actually grow bananas traditionally, get more than the amount countries in Africa get. This is because the prices they import the bananas for are so low that they can then make a large profit. By buying Fair Trade bananas you might be paying an extra 10p but that money will be changing lives. 

Most countries that grow bananas are in the Southern Hemisphere, as that is where there is a tropical climate. The perfect temperatures for growing bananas are 27 degrees. There is a group of countries in South America which show it is a good place for banana farming there. In Africa there are also good conditions for growing bananas but only two countries in Africa have Fair Trade bananas. 

It is clear that farming of bananas is far from fair. Every day hundreds of people are being ripped off and treated with disrespect. 2/5 of the worlds bananas are bought through Fair Trade companies but the other 3/5s are still not being treated equally. Banana trading has changed for the better but there is still a long way to go before it is really fair.