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CSI Crime Investigation Open!

Year 5 have been investigating a crime read our crime investigators (Emily, Dylan and Logan) report to discover what has happened. 


In the early hours of Monday 4th November, the silver House Cup, which belongs to Shirley Junior School, was stolen. The school was shocked especially because the CSI (Crime Scene Investigators) have let out that it is likely to be one of the year 5 teachers. Its mysterious disappearance was surprising Mrs Hixon, the headteacher, and she was devastated when she heard the terrible news. “I am still struggling to believe that a member of my own staff has dared to steal something that belongs to the children. They will be detained for questioning as soon as the CSI solve the crime. 

Over the past 3 years, this incident has occured more than three times, costing the school well over what they expected. Over £1000 has already been spent ,repairing any damage done and funding the CSI, who have been thankfully working tirelessly to solve this dreadful crime. Over the past few weeks, the impact on the school has been massive, especially because most of the community helped to fundraise for the cup. Worryingly, the house cup was passed down through generations of the school meaning it is very precious and important. Head of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) Jen Bleek, was upset as she was the one that organised the fundraising for the valuable house cup. “I spent ages helping fundraise and now it is just gone. I most definitely hope the CSI solve the crime soon.”

Fortunately, the CSI have been busy carrying out experiments and think it is likely that they only have to teachers left that could be guilty. Head of the CSI Luke Rayson is more than proud of his staff. “They have been working non-stop on the crime and it is just starting to pay off.” Even though it has been expensive for the school, it is not only Mrs Hixon who is thankful for the help, the whole school is too. It is now certain that the results will be in by Monday 25th November. The school and l would be glad to know if you have any more information resulting the crime so if you do please call this number: 005677 852392 34148549.


Have you seen our precious house cup? -Dylan

On Monday 4th November, at approximately  6:30 am a precious silver house cup was stolen from Shirley Junior School in Southampton. Immediately the CSI were dispatched to the scene. The teachers were then detained for interrogation. They know it is one of the staff as there is no sign of breaking in. The CSI believe it is a year 5 teacher as their hallway had been ransacked. Some believe that this tragedy occurred because Snowy House kept wining. They found the cup was missing in the hall above a heap of flour with a foot print imbedded in. Mrs Hixon has quoted of her appal towards this theft.

”I came early in the morning and went to get the house cup for a house meeting when I got there it had vanished, I checked the whole school. Until I got to year 5  the whole corridor was ransacked . It had to be a year 5 teacher I was appalled at this as they are one of my most trusted set of teachers.”

This theft towards the school was a tragic incident that resulted in a massive impact as the cup had been passed down for generations. Although they were shocked it was not the first time it had been happening for the last 3 years for a frequency of once a year. This has impacted the students as they no longer have a competitive aspect to their day. The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) are devastated as they spent over £20,000 of fundraising to help fix the damage. The cup meant a lot to the children because it encouraged them to work harder so they could earn house points. The CSI spoke of their findings in a quote. "We will find the culprit and they must be interrogated so we know why and how they did it."



On Monday 25th November 2019 a house cup, that is located in Shirley Junior School Southampton, was been stolen. CSI believe the suspect  is from year 5 as the classes were trashed with various items including the white substance found in the hall. The year 5 teachers have been detained for questioning. Mrs Hixon, who is the headteacher of Shirley Junior School, commented on how disgusted she was about the situation. “I am definitely ashamed and shocked of the year 5 teachers.” 

Unfortunately, £200,000 has already been spent to repair the damage of the incident and to fund the CSI . The house cup has also been passed down for many generations and is extremely valuable explaining the importance to the school. Somehow, the crime has been committed for the last three years which is devastating. The PTA, staff and children are all frustrated. A child said “The house cup is used to celebrate the winning houses . I am extremely annoyed that the house cup has been stolen”.

The CSI have been conducting tests to find out the culprit since the incident, helping the school get the cup back. Alex Jackson, who is one of the investigators at the CSI, said when the results will come in so they can find out who the culprit is. “The results that are coming in on Monday 25th November, will show who stole the precious house cup.” If you have witnessed the incident  please inform us.