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The life of king Alfred 


The early ages of King Alfred

Ever wondered what life was like as King Alfred? Well, read on to find out! Alfred, who was born in 841 AD, lived in Oxfordshire. He took the throne in 871 AD after his dad died in 858 AD. Alfred, whose king of Wessex, was the only English king to have the title “great”.

The beginning

Alfred had a keen interest in Latin and old English as was taught by his mother. Did you know that he wasn’t the happiest to find out he was King? Wessex, which is where Alfred ruled, is located in the Southwest. Alfred married Ealhswith and together had 5 children. Unfortunately, Ealhswith died on the same year as Alfred and they say they still rome the skies. Alfred, who had 4 older brothers crowned as king before him, thought it would be doubtful that he would ever become king.

The Battle of Edington

Guthrum, who was a Viking leader, got paid by Alfred not to attack but did a surprise attack days after. Alfred had to run away to the marshlands and stayed in an old lady's house disguised as a peasant. The marshlands, that is where Alfred currently was, was full of peasants and poor people. When Alfred thought it was safe he returned back to Wessex. This time with a fully trained army. They fought and fought until victory. Guthrum wasn’t happy. Alfred made an agreement to share the land and let Guthrum split Wessex into Danelaw and Wessex.

Alfred’s death 

King Alfred, who died at the age of 50, was killed from what was thought to be crohn's disease. Did you know that Alfred's grave has been moved several times with fewer body parts under it? Old Minster, which was the last place Alfred was buried, is based in Winchester. The real reason Alfred died is still unknown.



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